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    Free Advertising Rules

    A2S community gives your the chance to promote your websites for FREE, you can share your website with the other members to get their opinions & advice which may help you to improve your site.
    By sharing on Free Advertising forum , you abide to agree by the following rules:
    General Rules
    1) Your website need to have a paid domain (.com .org ..etc) , don't post (, .tk ...etc) websites.
    2) Don't post websites containing pornographic or nude pics / child porn or suggestive pics / jailbait of anyone who does not look at least 18 or killings, mutilations or excessive blood or guts.
    3) Don't post spamming websites.
    4) Forums are not allowed.

    Please note that we can't predict every possible scenario. We're not looking for ways to warn or ban people but, in cases of outright obnoxiousness, or obvious stupidity or carelessness, we reserve the right to do so.
    If you feel you have received an unfair warning, or want to ask something, then please PM a mod, a supermod, or an administrator

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