The point of the game lies in the building and maintenance of various commercial buildings in a small town. After you register in the game, the plan of your future building will be provided to you.

First of all, you should choose an appropriate land for a certain building. At the start, you will be able to take lots for roadhouses, where one can refresh himself with cold “Sosa-Sola” or tasty ice-cream.

The money invested will start working right away, bringing grist to the mill. However, you should remember that all earnings must be taken at the end of the game day, or your property won’t work normally. Therefore, you have to visit all the buildings you own and gather daily revenue.

With time, when you increase your capital, you will be able to build not only cafes, but also other places that can bring higher earnings. The highest level is building a bank and a shopping mall – this is possible only after you’ve built all other places.

Right after you enter a game, you will be accompanied by a personal assistant – a pretty girl Betty, who will give you prompts and advice.

Oh, and one more thing. You should remember that town citizens are able to leave a limited sum of money in cafes and shops, so the town will live until all the invested funds are exhausted. After that the restart will happen, and all players will be returned to the initial stage. This means that you should not forget to take your daily revenue and invest it in the buildings of the higher level.

Have a good game!

Amount in satoshi. Minimum 10000

Register Under Me

Normal Registration