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    Before posting - must read

    If you break one of the following rules in this section, you'll get a warning.
    If you have a certain amount of warnings it will lead into a ban!
    So read carefully before you post a thread!

    • You must describe the website properly.

    • This contains for example how you can earn there and if it's an old or new site. Threads with only 2-3 sentences are not accepted!

    • You need to post a payment proof of the website!

    • It doesnt need to be your own proof, but a proof which is up-to-date, and if it's not yours, you need to mention that it is not yours!

    • If your thread contains a ref-link, you need to add a clickable non-ref link, too, which has minimum the same size as the ref-link

    -4 Not allowed! Not allowed!
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