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    My small journey with small investment!

    I have started a small journey with ProfiBux! I have invested small amount of money. I rented referrals. I heard many good reviews about this site and in forums, i see payment proofs. I trust in this site! :P This site has many good features for standard/free members. Daily earning of standard member is +0.1$ without any referrals. Minimum payout is 2$. If you can't upgrade then you can rent referrals to earn enough money from your small investment. I have invested 4$ via paypal in ProfiBux and rented referrals. I have 13 referrals which are clicking 2-3 ads per day. Standard membership members get 0.01$ per rented referral click so 2-3 clicks or more per day are enough.
    If 13 referrals click 3 ads per day then here is calculation of my daily earning:
    13 x 0.03 = 0.36$ (rented referrals earning)
    Rented referrals earning + my ads viewing earning (0.1$)= 0.46$!
    Rented referrals are for 30 days. I hope i will get my investment back in 10 days! After that, i will earn profit! hehe!
    I have been started earning in ProfiBux since yesterday and i earned 0.64$! That's great!

    Rented referrals:

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    i know it and it seems intresting

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