Hello everybody
I hope you are well
I just finished an e-book for people who want to learn HTML5
I tried to explain simply and I puted good examples that will help to understand
here is the download link :
HTML5 E-BOOK for beginners
in which I explained these axes:

1- HTML5 file extensions
2-Tags and attributes
2-2- Double tag
2-2- Monolithic Tag (simple)
2-3- Tag with attributes
3-Structure of an HTML5 page
3-1- Header
3-1-1- Content of the header
3-2- Body
3-1-2- Content of the body
4-Simple formatting of the text
5-The links:
6-Images in HTML5
6-1- Image as link:
7-1- Load an iframe by clicking on a link.

I'm here for your questions all the time
good luck