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    The Best Method to Make 300$/day From clickbank Using instagram

    Hi Guys
    The Best Mithode To Make 300$/day From clickbank Using instagram ( Free Traffic )
    1 Sorry about my bad englech xD
    2 Hello My Name is mohamed and this is My first post in a2s Really is good forum about making money online !!
    So I will to alk about make money from clickbank using instagram (free traffic)
    All you need :
    1: Vps
    2: Bot ( fellowliker is the best )
    3: proxies
    4: instagram accont
    5: instagram fellowers 10k to 20 k (you can buy it)

    Now You will play your game select your niche ( dogs / cats / horses / ..)

    and post the pic in your acconts evry 1h post 1 pic and every day follow 500user Must targeted users in your niche
    with 100 like and comment /day after 3 day unfollow 400user
    after 2 week select same product about your niche from clickbank and post Pic of that product with link in bio
    You will make Money $$$

    Good luck

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    the proxies is expensive , this method need much budget , do you have any solution ?

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