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    Facebook ad types - What to use

    Hey everyone,
    I just want to share this with you , I find it very informative and it can save you from wasting your money on some ads that will never convert.

    Ad Type Score When To Use
    Boost your post 7 When you make a post on your Fan page where you are looking to get lots of likes, shares and comments on that particular post. Keep in mind you cannot split in this case.
    Promote your Page 0 Not used anymore due to the number of Fan Pages people have liked, it can be difficult to get a ROI by promote page like. Run other ad types and your ôlikes will increase naturally.
    Send people to your website 9 The best method before lead ads were available. Use manual bid and outbid the competition on a $5 *
    $15 per day budget.
    Increase conversions on your website 7 Using these types of ads it can take time for your ads to show results and can be costly during the process. Effective for some marketers but personally not used for my coaching funnel.
    Reach people near your business 7 Effective for local advertising.
    Get Video Views 8 Effective for brand awareness and getting your video in front of a lot of people in a short space of time.
    Also good for building custom audiences fast.
    Collect leads for your business 10 Most powerful method for getting more leads directly from Facebook without a squeeze page. I cannot recommend Lead Ads enough.


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    Hi!Thank you for sharing this information. I could use this in my site's FB business page from now on...

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