Want to Install your Wordpress site in a Virtual Private Server ?

Shared Hosting to VPS Migration will provide a Performance Boost Making Your Website Handle Heavy Traffic like a breeze

How is VPS Hosting Different from Shared hosting ?

A VPS or Virtual Private Server is pretty much like having a standalone or dedicated server but at a lower cost. It is called virtual because it doesn’t have any real hardware on its own but it is sharing resources from a bigger server. Imagine that the main server is the whole bread with each bread slice representing one Virtual server.

Websites running on the VPS are taking advantage of all the available server resources without ‘sharing’ resources with other websites.

On the other hand in a shared hosting environment your website is running with other websites on the same virtual server, sharing resources and IP. In a shared hosting environment it is very common to have interruptions in service because of an issue or problem in one of the websites that affects the other websites hosted in the same server.

Why VPS Hosting ?

Sites hosted on Virtual Private Servers load much Faster than thoae hosted on Shared Hosting Plans.Website load times are very important, especially if one of your main marketing strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). Google and other search engines will rank you higher if your site loads faster than your competitors.

Free Wordpress VPS Installation & Migration Service

What will I do?
--> I will install wordpress on a unmanaged vps
--> I will install wordpress on nginx webserver & optimize it with WP Super Cache Plugin
--> I will migrate your website from shared hosting to VPS

Conditions to avail this free offer
1. You have to buy VPS from this link: SSD Virtual Private Servers
2. You have to fill up the form with the Email, You used to join under me.
3. I will verify whether you are my referral and contact you via EMail
4. You must provide me with the Login Details of your WordPress Site
& The IP Address of the VPS you created.
5. OS Template must be Ubuntu 12.04
6. OpenVZ or KVM VPS. Anything is OK [But I recommend KVM]

Turn Around Time

You will be delivered with your service within 24hrs of your order. [If too many orders Max.48hrs]

Go HERE and Fill up the form & Submit