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    Bot requesting rules

    Please read the following thread carefully before requesting a bot!

    Your request will simply be ignored if its not appropriate

    What you need to do when you request a bot
    • Post the website you need the bot for
    • Describe the website and the tasks the bot should do as good as you can!!
    • Should there be any extras? Multi threaded? Proxy support?
    • If it's a website which pays money, make sure they have legit payment proofs!!!

    I wont make ...
    • ... bots for websites which gives little profit (only exception is a website which is used by many people and which is very popular e.g.
    • ... private bots for free. If you want to have a custom bot for a website made, pm me i'll set a price.

    Following example request will be simply ignored or deleted:
    • Can you make a bot for http://*****.com ??
    • I need a bot for ****
    • Do a bot which does ****

    Following example could be accepted:
    Hi there! I need a bot for War Of Clicks: Revolution in Online Advertising. It seems to be a browsergame but actually it's just a ptc site where you have to click ads. For every ad you have clicked you get either 0,005 warcoins or 0,002$.

    The good thing is, that you can click the ads unlimited times, you just need to wait for the countdown to be finished after you clicked the ad.

    For example there are ads which you can click every 5 minutes, and there are ads which can be clicked only every 2 hours. There is also the "WarGrid" which is a kind of lucky game. The ads there have to be clicked and you only need to stay 5seconds on the clicked ad to get it counted. If you are lucky then you have won e.g. 0,10$, 5 warcoins or an item. Items can improve different things for a certain amount of time (normally about 3-7 days), for example the number of refs you can rent, or the "cooldown" time of the ads are reduced by 30 seconds.

    You cannot earn much on that site, but it is a website which is growing very much and many people are using it. There is currently no public bot for this site avaible and i'd be glad if you can make a bot for it!

    Thanks in advance and waiting for your answer!

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