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10-09-2015, 07:07 PM
If you've been using the spoofing referrer ebooks then you know how good the books are and that they are very well written and guaranteed to work. What I have here is v5 of the ebook and this is a great ebook to use that teaches you how to sell google traffic. This method works great and works with all affiliate links and ref links.


4/5 Another great ebook teaching you how to spoof your links. This is a very great unique method and it will help out a lot. Like the other ebooks it shows how to make it seem like your traffic is coming from google when actually you are using traffic sites to get traffic to this link. If you want to make some good money, follow this ebook and also read up on this thread. https://a2s.in/private-method/395-spoofing-ref-earn-600-month.html

Earning Potential

4/5 This ebook has great earning potential. It all depends on how hard you work for it in promoting your traffic selling business.


Very easy to set up. Just follow the steps in the ebook and you'll be on your way to selling lots of traffic.


5/5 The ebook is well written and everything is written in good detail.


4/5 It's a good ebook to use in conjunction with v1 and v2 to get multiple methods of getting traffic to your site or other people's sites. As always, everything in the ebook that you need is free. No need to spend anything at all except a coin for a great method.


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