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  1. Bot requesting rules
  2. [Rejected] Bot for Ebesucher
  3. [Accepted] Request a linkcollider bot
  4. [Accepted] War of Clicks Colonize Bot
  5. [Rejected] Bot for adfoc.us
  6. [Rejected] Twitch.tv Chat Bot
  7. [Already done] a bot for autosurf sites like alexamaster
  8. [Rejected] epay.info bot
  9. [Rejected] An Email Bot
  10. [Rejected] I need a Boot to Twitter...
  11. Some BOT Requests
  12. [Rejected] Need someone to make a bot
  13. [Rejected] Mass Url shortener
  14. [Rejected] war of clicks bot for iphone ?
  15. [Rejected] I require macro (SuccessBux)
  16. [Rejected] in need of a quick sign up bot neopets .
  17. [Rejected] LikesPlanet Bot.
  18. [Rejected] need bot for fangrow.com
  19. [Rejected] Need Bot For Lucrelab & Advertzer
  20. [Rejected] Request a Lucrelab bot
  21. [Rejected] Request a Advertzer Bot
  22. [Rejected] Account Checker
  23. [Rejected] paying for a simple bot
  24. [Rejected] Android bot request
  25. [Rejected] Traffic monsoon site surfing bot
  26. [Rejected] Facebook and Instagram bots
  27. [Rejected] iMacro for coincheckin.com
  28. Request faucet script
  29. Submit your bot ideas!